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You've Got a Business, Now What?

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06/12/2019 6:00pm
06/12/2019 8:00pm
Advent Coworking

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"Building a Sound Sales Foundation for the Entrepreneur"

Whether you’re taking the plunge and working on your business full-time, or creating a side hustle, you’ve made an important decision to offer a product or service directly to the marketplace. You’re now in the driver’s seat - you’re the #BOSS!

Let’s face it - most entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they love sales. In fact (other than the instructor for this class) almost no one loves sales - and that’s okay. But being comfortable asking people to pay for your new product or service is just the price of doing business and having a sound foundation.

That’s where this class comes in. In a supportive group of fellow entrepreneurs you’ll learn the three steps needed to sell yourself and your business. First, you'll learn how to start with the right sales MINDSET. Then, you'll learn how to clarify your objectives and pick the right STRATEGY for you and your business. And, finally, you'll learn how to effectively EXECUTE on your strategy in ways that feel authentic to who you are as a person, and the brand that you’re building.

Even beyond the world of entrepreneurship, this class is appropriate for anyone who wants to “up their game” when it comes to being persuasive. You will leave knowing:

How to mentally approach sales
How to clarify your objective BEFORE you plan your strategy
What strategies work best for your specific situation
How to choose the best place and time for your sales pitch
And so much more!

This is an interactive class, so there will be plenty of time for any specific questions you may have. You will leave feeling more informed about the “secret world of salesmanship,” and will be a better salesperson, entrepreneur, consumer, and all-around effective person.

Remember: Whether you know it or not, everyone sells. There are probably mutliple times a day that you have to be a salesperson. Have you ever had to convince a toddler to eat his/her vegitables? Have you ever asked for and given reasons why you should receive a raise? Have you ever had to convince your best friend to go on an adventure with you (skydiving anyone)? That is all sales.