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01/22/2018 6:00pm
02/12/2018 8:30pm
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"I should totally start a podcast!” If you have ever said those words before, then you’re in the right place."

Advent Podcast University is teaming up with Robert Ingalls of the Future Self Podcast to bring you Charlotte’s first comprehensive podcasting course, designed to take you "From Idea to iTunes" in four short weeks.

Podcasting has emerged as a powerful tool to build a new business or scale an existing one, but the process can seem overwhelming. What equipment do you need? How does it all work? How does your show get on iTunes? How do you go about getting great guests on your show? How do you get people to listen? And, importantly, how are you going to do all this on a budget??

Whether you’re a hobbyist, still trying to nail down the perfect podcast idea, or you’re ready to create a business and a brand around your podcast, this course provides you with everything you need to bring your unique vision to life. In this comprehensive course we’ll be covering topics including (for the full list of what to expect, click here):

Week 1: January 22 @ 6pm (Podcasting 101)

So You Want to Have a Podcast?: During this session, we will go over the "perfect" fit for you. We'll discuss creating your perfect idea, podcast format, name of your podcast, recording schedule, equipment needs, etc.

Week 2: January 29 @ 6pm (Podcasting 201)

Bringing Your Idea to Life: During this session, we will go over recording techniques, setting up your gear, intros/outros, and editing.

Week 3: February 5 @ 6pm (Podcasting 301)

Launch Strategy and Content Creation: During this session, we will go over mapping your launch strategy, hosting services, embedding your podcast, blog posts and show notes, and interview tips and tricks.

Week 4: February 12 @ 6pm (Podcasting 401)

Podcasting & Beyond:  During this session, we will go over growing your show, creating a community, promotion strategies, and monetzing your podcast with sponsorships, products, etc.


Meet the Course Instructor:

Robert IngallsRobert Ingalls of the Future Self Podcast will be the course instructor for "From Idea to iTunes". Robert is a husband, father, podcast consultant, men's relationship coach, and a recovering attorney.
As a podcast consultant, Robert works with brands to help them develop and launch their own podcasts to bring their unique message to more ears than ever before. He hosts the Future Self Podcast and soon-to-launch Getting Over the Girl Podcast, where he works with men going through breakups to heal their minds, transform their bodies, and rebuild their lives.
In his free time, Robert is also the Director of Startup Grind Charlotte, a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.


Seats are limited and will be available on the first come first serve basis.